Caspari-Software offers Midi-Files and playbacks
in professional quality for particular musicians

Caspari Software Midifiles und Songware

Caspari-Software is a German company who produces Midisongs, Midiware, GM (General Midi) and Yamaha XG-/XF-Midifiles, and Playbacks in high quality. Each File has been programmed very groovy and with love to each musical details. Finally they has been fitted out with syllable lyrics (Karaoke), vocal-harmonizer-tracks, Yamaha-XF-chords, ánd a special kind of MIDI-light-track for MIDI-lightcontrollers.
Caspari-Software offers a wide range of German Dancemusic Midifiles and Playbacks as well as International Popmusic, oldies, evergreens, beer-festival-music, waltz and polkas, Medleys, Countrymusic, christmas carols, Jazzmusic and so on

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